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Botox ®

Now that Petrolia Dental is able to offer Cosmetic, Dental and Therapeutic Botox, you can be assured that it is being offered in safe and comfortable environment. An appointment with our office includes a comprehensive medical history and ensuring patients have an understanding of our post-treatment instructions.


  • What kind of procedures can be performed?
  • Botox Cosmetic Eye Brow Lift
  • Deep Wrinkles on the Forehead
  • Wrinkles Around the Eyes (Crows Feet)

How Safe is Dental Botox?

Dental & Cosmetic Botox has been on the consumer market with full FDA and Health Canada approval for over 10 years, and has been extensively researched in over 2,400 medical studies. Botox Cosmetic is Completely Safe if administrated correctly by trained professionals.

If you'd like to schedule your Botox consultation, give us a call at 780.435.3784.

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