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14034 - 23 Avenue, Terwillegar Heights Towne Square, Edmonton, AB T6R 3L6

Dental Care for the Whole Family

Our family dentists in Edmonton's south side (serving Terwillegar and Riverbend) offer Invisalign and a range of comprehensive dentistry solutions. Call us today at 780-435-3784 or request an appointment online.

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When you choose a dentist, you should be looking for someone who makes you feel at ease while taking great care of your oral health, but we know that you will also be seeking excellence from the rest of the team at the office. Whether scheduling your appointment, taking care of your cleaning, checking your Invisalign progress, or making sure that everything is in order in the background (sterile equipment at the ready, for example), each one of our staff members shares the same goal of treating you like family. We always make the extra effort to ensure that our dental office is a place you'd like to come back to.

Petrolia Dental is fortunate to have four unique and interesting dentists on staff in our south side clinic. Each has arrived at this practice with a different perspective: Dr. Carson took a direct route to dentistry; Dr. Varughese spent several years working as a hygienist before earning her DDS designation; Dr. Levin grew up in Belarus before her dental studies; Dr. Barter undertook his studies through a military program and served in Kandahar before joining the Edmonton practice. While all of our dentists, and other staff, have varying life experiences before joining together here, we share a common enjoyment for the art and science of dentistry, and the pleasure of meeting and caring for our neighbours.

When we were teenagers, it was only members of our own generation that were getting orthodontic treatment - you never saw an adult with braces on their teeth back then. Now that we're adults, and working in the dental field, we know that the benefits of having crooked teeth straightened go beyond cosmetic to include many health benefits. We also know about Invisalign. If you thought you missed the opportunity to have a "perfect" smile when you passed your teens, ask us about these comfortable clear aligners. We think they will make you smile.

At Petrolia Dental, many of our patients have been referred by their family members, who have kept coming back year after year, and who have recommended us as well. The result after years in practice in south Edmonton is that we can very proudly count multi-generational extended families among our patients. Children and grandparents, cousins and nieces - because we treat our patients as we would members of our own family, entire families become our patients.

Being a family dental practice means that we treat (and welcome) all of the members of your family - from babies to seniors. We know that each stage of life comes with its own set of dental health challenges, and that establishing routines for a lifetime of healthy habits is best started at a very young age. Moreover, the changing challenges are not exclusively health-related. Children (in particular, but not exclusively) can be fearful in the dentist's chair, which can set up a lifetime of apprehensive visits if not managed with care. Teenagers begin to develop their independence but may lose sight of the need to make and keep appointments, which are especially important for spotting potential overall health issues at their earliest stage. No matter your family size or makeup, we ensure the highest degree of oral health for everyone.

Petrolia Dental is located in the Terwillegar Heights Towne Square - that's on the northeast corner of Rabbit Hill Road NW and 23 Ave NW. We're in behind the Servus credit union office, in a location that always offers plenty of nearby parking spaces. We are pleased to offer early morning appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We're not far from Lillian Osborne High School and Mother Margaret Mary, so drop the kids off with us in the morning, and they can walk to class. We also have a Saturday schedule once a month if you just can't miss a day of work or don't want to use up your vacation time.

If you're looking for a family dentist in south side Edmonton, Petrolia is your choice for overall dental care. Visit us today or call 780-435-3784. We're always accepting new patients!

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