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14034 - 23 Avenue, Terwillegar Heights Towne Square, Edmonton, AB T6R 3L6

South Side Family Dentist Edmonton

Being a family dental practice means that we treat (and welcome) all of the members of your family - from babies to seniors. We know that each stage of life comes with its own set of dental health challenges, and that establishing routines for a lifetime of healthy habits is best started at a very young age. Moreover, the changing challenges are not exclusively health-related. Children (in particular, but not exclusively) can be fearful in the dentist's chair, which can set up a lifetime of apprehensive visits if not managed with care. Teenagers begin to develop their independence but may lose sight of the need to make and keep appointments, which are especially important for spotting potential overall health issues at their earliest stage. No matter your family size or makeup, we ensure the highest degree of oral health for everyone.

If you're looking for a family dentist in south side Edmonton, Petrolia is your choice for overall dental care. Visit us today or call 780-435-3784. We're always accepting new patients!

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