Visiting Hodgson in Alberta


This is one of the newer residential neighborhoods that are found south west of Edmonton. It is bounded to the east by Whitemud Creek Ravine, south by 23 Avenue, north by a utility corridor, and to the west by Rabbit Hill Road. Its population as of 2012 was 2654.

Schools and Hospitals in Hodgson, Edmonton

Breath for Life is a great institution that teaches the people of Hodgson the basic first aid techniques to use at home before the ambulance arrives. There is also the children’s autism services of Edmonton that offers help to children and adults with special needs. AMS academy, Harry Ainlay School and the Holy trinity Catholic High school are some of the schools in and around Hodgson that are highly rated.

Art and Cakes on 124th Street

The art scene in Edmonton is a thriving one. There is a beautiful culinary scene that will help you appreciate life even more. When you combine great cakes and art, there is nothing better.  The duchess bake shop allows you to taste different cake flavors while enjoying a series of excellent art galleries.

Edmonton Valley Zoo


Are you wondering where you can get in touch with nature and see some of its beautiful creation thriving? The Edmonton valley zoo is the place to be. This zoo was opened in July 1959 and has hosted over 359 exotic and native animals. It is also home to over 100 species of animals. If you want to study and enjoy the company of some endangered animal species, this is the place to be.

Terwillegar Park

This is the municipal park in Edmonton and is part of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Parks System. It is a great place to visit because you will see the large off-leash area, hiking trails and ride your mountain bike through it. You can also get a spot to hand launch canoes in the river. It is an experience like no other and a chance to get your workout done while enjoying nature and fun water and land activities. It is also perfect for couples and families who want to spend more time together.