Terwillegar Towne

Visiting Terwillegar Towne in Alberta


Terwillegar Towne is a neighborhood located in Southwest Edmonton. It is a new neighborhood where all the residential construction started after 1995. On the south, it is bounded by Terwillegar Boulevard, on the east by 142 Street, on the north by 23 avenue and on the west by 156 Street.

What You Can Find in Terwillegar Towne

Community Association

The popular type of residence in the area is single family dwelling constituting to 80% residences in the community. The community has an association whose primary mandate is to ensure the well-being of Terwillegar Towne homeowners. It is a non-profit association operated for the long-term benefit of the community homeowners. Members are automatically enrolled in the associated after purchasing a home in the area.


Located near is Terwillegar Towne is Terwillegar Recreation Center which is one of Edmonton’s famous recreation centers with world-class health, wellness, and sports amenities. Regardless of your age, you will have the opportunity to exercise, relax, learn and enjoy yourself in this community recreation facility. The center has a sizable heated tub and a steam room for providing extra relaxation during winter. If you enjoy swimming, the recreation center has a large pool with diving boards and swimming lanes.


Besides the Terwillegar recreation center, Tomlinson Park provides an exceptional experience for those who love nature walks. It houses a wide range of events like Halloween fireworks and winter carnival. It has many kids amenities making it one of the best places to visit for young families.

Terwillegar Towne Playground situated within the neighborhood is a beautiful park conveniently located for families with kids. If you are looking for somewhere to spend with your kids on a summer day, this joint offers the best experience.


Adjacent to this neighborhood is the Petrolia Dental clinic which offers vast dental care services. It is easily accessible through the community’s well-established road network. It is equipped with high-trained doctors with great experience in the dental field.



Educational matters are also considered in the neighborhood. Students have the opportunity to attend the Monsignor William Irwin Catholic school Conveniently situated in the middle of the community. It has experienced teachers providing a range of programs to equip students with diverse knowledge.