The Importance Dental X-Rays

Every oral health routine should include regular dental x-rays. These help your family dentist see what’s happening under the gums and tooth enamel to help catch small problems before they become big problems.

X-rays can be taken intraorally or extraorally.  Intraoral x-rays are taken inside the mouth, and extraoral x-rays are taken outside of the mouth. If you’re having x-rays done by your dentist in South Edmonton, it will likely be an intraoral x-ray, as these are more common in dental cases.  They let the dentist see a lot of detail of the tooth, bone and the supporting tissues.

The reason why x-rays are so important is that they allow dentists to:

  • Determine if you have a cavity
  • Assess the health of your tooth roots
  • Assess the health of the bony areas around your teeth
  • Check to see if there is periodontal disease present, and determine if it is related to your oral care
  • Check on how any new teeth are developing
  • Monitor the health of teeth to prevent any problems from developing

There are a few types of dental x-rays. The family dentists at Petrolia Dental will decide which type is best for your unique situation. The most common types of x-rays are:


These show the whole tooth, starting at the top – the crown – going right down to the bone that supports the tooth and keeps in in place.


These x-rays focus on the posterior teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. They help the dentist see how the teeth occlude – or meet together – and highlight any decay that may be occurring between the back teeth. 


These are often taken in preparation for orthodontic procedures like dental implants. Just like the name implies, panoramic x-rays give a full view of the teeth, jaws, jaw joints, and sinuses, and the joints of the jaw.


These are mainly used to check on how a child’s teeth are developing, and they allow the dentist to see the floor of the child’s mouth and examine their bite.

Medical technology has ensured that x-rays are very safe, and any dental x-ray that you or your child receives will create very little exposure to radiation.  The x-ray equipment used at Petrolia dental eliminates all unnecessary radiation and helps the dentist focus the x-ray on one specific area of the mouth. To make it even safer, your dentist will cover you from your neck to your knees with a lead apron to deflect any stray radiation.

If you think you might be due for an x-ray or if you have any questions about your oral health, call the team at Petrolia Dental to schedule an appointment today. Our dental office is South Edmonton is always welcoming new patients.