importance of flossing

Why Flossing Every Day Is So Important For Your Teeth

There are many reasons why flossing daily is so important when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, but these are the top picks.

It Provides Optimal Cleaning

The argument is that when you brush your teeth, you are cleaning away any food and plaque. While your toothbrush is fantastic at removing plaque buildup from the large surface areas of your teeth, it’s unable to tackle the tight spaces between your teeth and beneath your gums.

 And that is the beauty of floss. It’s able to reach those tight hard to get to places within the mouth. Not only does it remove plaque but also small pieces of food that become lodged in between teeth or between teeth and gums.

 The cleaner the spaces between the teeth are, the healthier your gums will be. You’ll have stronger teeth that are not prone to sensitivity or infection. Healthy teeth and gums mean fresh breath and a sparkling smile.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

There’s an old saying that prevention is better than cure, and that is exactly the case when it comes to the savings that flossing gives you over time. By preventing things such as emergency dental procedures, you won’t face large medical bills that could have otherwise been avoided.

Research shows that when you compare the cost of regular dental check-ups with that of a single bill for an emergency procedure, there can be up to a 40% difference in how much you spend.

At each checkup at your local dental clinic, you’ll be reminded about flossing because it’s the most effective way to give your mouth a thorough cleaning regularly as mentioned above.

And the best part is that you do not even have to stick to a specific schedule of when you floss. As long as it’s done at least once a day, you are good to go. That’s why dental professionals recommend that you carry dental floss in a few places. For example, in your medicine cabinet, your handbag and your car.

Protect Your Gums

Just by using the word dental hygiene, your immediate thought is your teeth. That’s why flossing is not just dental hygiene but rather oral hygiene. Flossing removes plaque buildup between teeth, but it can also reach beneath the gums.

Flossing removes plaque buildup in the folds between where the teeth and the gums meet. This is also where tartar build up stems from. Regular flossing eliminates the possibility of tartar buildup.

 When you refrain from flossing here, Tartar builds up and can only be removed in the dentist’s chair with a dental scrape. This marks only the beginning of the chain reaction. From tartar buildup, you can develop gingivitis, which is the very first stage of gum disease.

 This again brings us back to the fact that flossing can’t just save you money, but it can also prevent an entire chain reaction of infections from unfolding.

Prevent other issues

Flossing prevents issues such as gum disease, plaque and tartar build up. And by default, it then combats bad breath and discoloration of teeth especially yellowing between the teeth.

Whether you are in college or office or going to attend your child’s parent-teacher meeting, your outlook matters. Not just your outfit, but also the pearly white teeth. You can’t afford to ruin your image because you smell bad or have yellowish teeth.

 Flossing is also essential in maintaining a comfortable oral environment. At first, you may find flossing uncomfortable but after a week or two of daily flossing, it will no longer be uncomfortable.

 Research has also found that ongoing oral infection and build up bacteria can make its way into the bloodstream. The bacteria can attach itself to the plaque of blood cells that can lead to more extreme issues such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory Issues

Healthy Teeth Mean Healthy Self-Image

healthy smile is one of the benefits of good oral health

There’s no denying that flossing is extremely important for your teeth and the overall health and wellbeing of your mouth. But there is also something to say about the effects of healthy teeth on your confidence levels.

 They say that when you smile the whole world smiles with you. And when you floss daily, you are bound to have that extra confidence to smile at everyone you meet. Flossing does not only keep the teeth healthy, but it also maintains a pearly white finish to the teeth.

 It’s important so that the gaps between the teeth which are prone to become yellow and eventually brown if not looked after. Flossing keeps bacteria at bay, the same bacteria that causes bad breath.

To Sum Up

The benefits of flossing daily are abundant. They range from health-related to financial reasons. And if these reasons are not enough, then consider the next time you go for a checkup. 

The satisfying feeling when instead of the dentist asking if you floss, he exclaims how happy he’s to see that you floss so regularly.

 Whatever you take away from these benefits, let it be your driving force in remembering to floss on a daily basis and maintain good oral hygiene.